Our Story
Our Story

NEVER GO ALONE was cofounded by London-based entrepreneur Nga Nguyen and California-based Creative Director Carl Adelson during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.

Despite the challenges posed by the global lockdown and travel restrictions, the team embraced remote working to bring N.G.A. to life. As they worked diligently with a UK laboratory alongside Chief brand Scientist Federica Amati PhD

to create the unique formulations. They also worked closely with London Industrial design studio, LAYER to create the custom shaped 75ml and refillable wipe containers which are designed to prioritise durability, eliminating single-use products.

This innovative approach continues today, with a diverse leadership team based across the world, in London, California, Milan, and Lagos. Never Go Alone has transformed into a functional and stylish lifestyle and wellbeing brand, whilst it was born from hardship and during a period of great uncertainty, the team was determined to build a brand that celebrates optimism and our ability to work together to build a better future...

Edition 01: Sandstone


Created over centuries by the merging of individual sand particles and minerals and sculpted by forces of nature, sandstone formations are one of the most unique natural structures on earth. Like sandstone, humans are strong yet fragile. Every interaction we experience has the potential to shape and impact us.

Never Go Alone has created a collection of daily essentials that take inspiration from sandstone and the way it is able to harness strength, adapt, and overcome challenges.

At the dawn of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we learned to see the world in a new light and developed a deeper understanding of our personal well-being and the health of those around us. As we navigate this new way of life and build new habits and rituals, our list of daily essentials has changed.

Never Go Alone has designed a collection of go-anywhere wellness products to empower you to live and travel responsibly.

The inaugural collection, 'Edition One: Sandstone' is a range of products that reimagine personal wellness, designed to create a memorable sensory experience with thoughtfully selected ingredients and sublimely tactile materials.

Our Products
The Hand Care Kit
The Hand Care Kit
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Sanitising Treatment Mist (20ml)
Sanitising Treatment Mist (75ml)
Sanitising Treatment Mist (75ml)